Our Process


Free Analysis
Before we actually start working, we need to know exactly what you want to achieve with this process. One of our team members will lead you through the stages of our work, but also ask about your website, application, business and marketing needs. Don’t worry if you don’t have a clear idea about everything, our highly trained and experienced consultant will make an assessment and plan next steps that will give the best results. At this point, we will know if we can do the work for you and if you want to cooperate with us.

Website Architecture
This is one of the highly important steps that need to be made in order for a website to work correctly. One of our consultants will work with you during this stage with the goal to wireframe the entire website. We will make a detailed plan, somewhat similar to the plan made for building a house. Planning consists of creating a blueprint of the entire website, before we start working on coding. This stage is important for preventing any chance of miscommunication or backtracking during coding. When this stage is finished, you will have a complete blueprint of the website, which includes the way how it will be laid out, how will each link click react, functioning of the admin area and the way that will increase your profit. Detailed blueprint is necessary because only with a good plan you can get excellent website which is our goal. When the architecture is created, we will inform you about the timeframe necessary to implement the plan.

SEO Architecture
No matter what type of a company you have, you need a search engine friendly website. We will review your market and target audience, keywords and competition you are facing, so we can create search engine friendly web architecture. When we finish the assessment process, you will have meta tags, H1 tags, keywords, and url structure created and organized. We will do everything necessary so your website is crawled properly and every page indexed by search engines. This is important step, because without it other Search Engine Optimization efforts would not produce any results.

When the architecture and website layout is finished, we will start working on graphics and user interface. Graphic designer and project manager will utilize website architecture and business model to create an image that will be recognizable and unique. The logo of your company, color scheme, and interface will all be tuned up so the company’s message is consistent throughout the entire website.

Talented individuals that make our successful team of coders have the necessary knowledge and experience to build your website in an efficient and attractive way. This is our dream job and we do it with great knowledge and enthusiasm. The stages 1-5 make whole process much easier. Everything that we do is transparent and you will have a written draft, so there are no negative surprises. You can truly relax, while project manager works on the project consistently according to the plan.

Quality Assurance
Since we want to make sure that the final product is on the high quality level, we have a QA staff in our company. They work independently, which means that every single point is tested thoroughly. Every website that we work on is tested in all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox). When QA is finished, you will get an excel document that contains all discovered bugs. You are always welcome to contribute with additional feedback. We repeat QA several times, so we are sure that the final product is really of high quality.

Beta Launch
Now your website is built and QA'd and the next stage is to launch the website to the public or a small beta test group. We provide 30 days warranty for all our websites, which means we will fix any bug that may appear.

After we finish these steps we can work on marketing efforts efficiently and correctly. We customize marketing solutions for every business. Our services go from search engine optimization to social media marketing. Contact our marketing consultants team to get a quote.

Support & Maintenance
We are a development company that can provide continued support and maintenance. You can hire us to implement customized solutions to operate day to day tasks of your website, as consultants, or to create additions to your website in the future.